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Prescription Policy



When a catalog or online vendor contacts us to request a prescription be faxed to them, it is our policy to provide a written prescription TO THE PET OWNER, who may then choose to fax or mail the prescription to the pharmacy.  The Ohio Veterinary Medical Association provides an excellent overview of client’s rights and veterinarian’s obligations in the article, “Pet Medication Choices – Insuring Your Pet’s Health”.  The following is an excerpt from the article:


“To insure that a prescription is properly adhered to and cannot be easily altered or reproduced without the veterinarian’s knowledge or consent, some veterinarians elect not to fax prescriptions.  Instead, when the veterinarian provides a prescription on a prescription pad they are giving complete flexibility in having the prescription filled as you, the client, decide.”


“When a veterinarian questions a prescription request initiated by an outside pharmacy, or is concerned with honoring a prescription request to be sent by facsimile rather than as an original on a prescription pad, they are not violating the law or a code of professional conduct.  A veterinarian is your pet’s health care professional who first and foremost is concerned with the medical circumstances when issuing any prescription.”


Village Green Veterinary Service’s goal is to maintain the highest standards of veterinary care for our patients, while also offering convenience and affordability to our clients.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions about our prescription policies and remember to allow 24 hours for all prescription refills.




Buying Your Meds Online?


Everyone likes a bargain!  But do you really want to cut corners on your pet’s health?


Consider the facts:


  • The manufactures of most major flea/tick/heartworm medications will not guarantee their products unless you buy them from a licensed veterinarian.  If your pet gets fleas, ticks or heartworm while you are using preventative, the manufacturer will not refund your money or pay for any medical treatment.
  • Internet and catalog suppliers are not authorized vendors of many products such as HeartGard or NexGard; neither are any of the pet “super stores” that carry these products. 
  • In many states across the country, including Ohio, many of these catalog and online merchants have been investigated and disciplined by various state pharmacy boards and Attorney Generals’ offices for offenses ranging from dispensing medications without a prescription to fraud to violations of environmental regulations to unfair trade practices.
  • In many instance we have seen these unauthorized vendors sell products that are expired, short-dated, intended for overseas sale only or mis-labeled.
  • Many of these online and catalog merchants advertise savings that simply do not exist.  Please factor in shipping and handling, and bear in mind that an unauthorized vendor cannot redeem coupons.  For your convenience, we offer our own on-line store through an accredited pharmacy called VetSource, with competitively priced products and manufacturer guarantees. 





Heartworm Prevention Awareness

Join us in raising awareness about Heartworm Prevention.  One million dogs are heartworm positive every year.  That's 1,000,000 dogs suffering through a potentially fatal disease that is difficult and costly to treat, and yet so simple to prevent. 

  • Mosquitos transmit immature heartworms from infected dogs to healthy dogs.
  • Heartworms live in the hearts and lungs of infected dogs.
  • Left untreated, heartworm disease may be fatal to your dog.
  • Some common signs of heartworm infection in dogs include coughing, difficulty breathing and sluggishness.
  • Recently infected dogs may show no signs of the disease.
  • Other carriers of heartworm disease include wolves, foxes, ferrets, coyotes and raccoons.

Fortunately, heartworm disease is highly preventable.  Ask Dr. Kilar or one of our technicians about options for protecting your dog.








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